The Unmissable 中学 Experience at SLS

创新、积极、上进 & 除了

什么是St ?. 卢克的 中学 unmissable 和 distinguishes us from peer schools? We offer a comprehensive traditional curriculum focusing on math, critical thinking, 和 writing—和- - - - - - innovative core curriculum such as 新兴技术 和 以人为本. This one-of-a-kind curriculum prepares our students to thrive in high school 和 into the future. 

而不是被动地倾听, middle schoolers (5th-8th grade)  are active participants in their education as they explore topics, 发现利益, 和 forge their own paths under the care 和 guidance of exceptional teachers. Classrooms are high-energy spaces, filled with students learning by doing 和 engaging in lively discussions.

在课堂上,在课堂上 阶段,在… designLab,横跨 运动 字段,或交付 朗诵, a 中学 rite of passage—students at SLS find they can go 超越 他们曾经想过的可能.

Developing Confidence in a Supportive 社区



St. 卢克的 五年级 academic program guides young students from elementary to middle school. 专用走廊, separate yet connected to the rest of the community, enables children to feel secure in their own space while experiencing life as a middle-schooler.

教养的平衡 & 挑战

在这篇博文中,读为什么?. 卢克的 parent Andrea Klein believes that “starting their SLS journey early gives kids a solid foundation 和 a level of confidence that just kept building.”


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St. 卢克的 中学 is an exciting place to be on any given day. Teachers challenge students to make connections, think critically, 和 find their distinct voices. Collaborative projects allow students to take risks as leaders, teammates, 和 problem-solvers. 这是 持久的学习 和 one way to discover what 校长 Dr. 卡特称 你的大我 (hint, Big has nothing to do with your size or age).

Our 中学 experience has proven inspirational: Sixteen out of our last twenty-four Valedictorians 和 Salutatorians started their St. 卢克在中学的经历. 等他们毕业的时候, our students are well on their way to discovering who they are 和 what they want to be in the world. 有道德感的领导人能够, 富有洞察力的学者, 获胜的运动员, 和 talented artists—once students begin to unlock their potential, 天空是极限.


A Kind, Inspiring, Multi-Age Environment

在去圣. 卢克的, students are greeted by two messages. The first one, carved over the doorway, is our motto, 进入学习. 出去服务. The second one is this quotation from Henry James, engraved into our Be Kind Plaza: “Three things in human life are important: The first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; 和 the third is to be kind." Our culture of service 和 kindness encourages 和 empowers students as they grow on the St. 卢克的 Hilltop 和 accompanies them through life.

因为。. 卢克的学校是5-12学校, we take advantage of age differences by intentionally connecting our older 和 younger students in a way that benefits all. Please see examples below of how students of all ages connect through theater, 体育, designLab, 阀杆, 和更多的.

S.T.E.M. Encouragement from 上学校 Girls

St. 卢克的 School is a secular (non-religious), 新迦南的私立学校, CT for grades 5 through 12 serving over 35 towns in Connecticut 和 New York. Our exceptional academics 和 diverse co-educational community foster students’ intellectual 和 ethical development 和 prepare them for top colleges. St. 卢克的 Center for 领导 builds the commitment to serve 和 the confidence to lead.